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"Without labor, nothing prospers.” – Sophocles

KY Mesra Annual Dinner 2021

28th January 2022

Looking back on the past decade, from a dozen of employees in 2013 to nearly forty in 2022, KY MESRA had witnessed and accompanied the progresses and growth of countless people. After going through all the ups and downs, we are finally here today.

Despite facing numerous setbacks during the pandemic in the last two years, KY MESRA had achieved another new level in 2021, no matter in terms of business or employees. Without a doubt, credits must be given to all the KYMs for their dedications along those times. Thus, this year, KY MESRA had organized the most magnificent annual dinner ever to appreciate each and every employees for their achievements and contributions.

Lots of fun activities including games, awards and rewards session, entertainment performances and lucky draw besides exquisite meal were presented.

Games and Prizes, Awards and Rewards, Lucky Draw Sessions


Exquisite meal and amazing performances


Heartwarming moments

During this meaningful event, Mr. Edward gave a toast to his business consultant, Dr P'ng for all his professional guidance. He had played an important role of shaping the current company.

As a surprise for Mr. Edward, the KYMs had created a video with the compilation of staff's speech to express their gratitude, wishes, hopes, or inner voices. Also, some staff members had also greeted Mr. Edward with warm handshakes and hugs to show their appreciation for him.

The team spirit and togetherness between employees from diverse races and backgrounds was also recognized by numerous KYMs as a reason they enjoyed working in KY MESRA. Regardless of skin color, language, religion, they cooperated well to accomplish their tasks and attain the company goals.


The annual dinner marks the end of 2021 and kickstarts the wonderful 2022. May the new year be more adventurous, energized and motivating for everyone.


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